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About Us

This is Us; The 'BB's of the BB*s Jet Set Pets.



Hi, please allow me to introduce myself.

I am Bella, co-foundress and supermodel of the BBs.
Above, you see me with my beloved brother Benjamin,
co-founder and poster-boy of the company.


Meet the youngest member of our family,
Bebe Bubbles. (My mom calls him Bubble Trouble for a reason!


Originally from Europe; born in Germany, my mom Barbara lived in Paris, France, then moved to Auckland, New Zealand, where she worked for Air New Zealand as International Flight Attendant before moving to beautiful San Francisco, where the BB*s Family started our San Francisco/Marin County based BB*s Jet Set Pets company.

With a background in translation, service industry and hotel management, her true passion being design, travel and people, it was the love(s) of her life; Us! - her Furry Kids, who inspired my mom to create our very own Benjamin & Bella Jet Set Pets line, including sophisticated yet soft beyond your wildest dreams blankets, smart towels and ‘pet-a-porter’ accessories with very fancy scarves for the modern ‘madogmoiselle’ and of course ‘bad boy bandanas’.

The BBs promise to keep searching the world for the finest quality materials, create unique designs, provide excellent customer service and satisfaction.... and try our best to keep Bubble out of Trouble!

Enjoy the BBs Jet Set Lifestyle!